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College Group was founded by John Gilroy, who is still CEO today. As Ireland’s largest rendering company, we lead the way in innovative rendering practices with a team of over a hundred dynamic and highly skilled professionals.

College Group, a private unlimited company, was founded in 1989 and operates from two state-of-the-art sites in Ireland – Nobber in County Meath and Monnery in County Cavan.

We produce Category 1 and Category 3 animal feed ingredients and fertilisers from animal by-products (ABP) and bio-waste. We divert materials away from landfill and incinerators to manufacture high-quality meal, protein, oil, and tallow. We are one of the biggest processors in Ireland and sell our products worldwide.

Bringing Value

The rendering of ABP is a vital element of the agri-food industry, helping to create a full circle, indigenous product. It’s environmentally sustainable and an important part of protecting animal and public health through the safe recycling of bio-waste.

Agri-food and hospitality waste are also used to manufacture biofuel, a renewable and clean-burning alternative to diesel. Another energy product produced at College Group is meat and bone meal (MBM), which is used in cement manufacturing.

About College Group - bio-waste management and the environment

Collection across Ireland

Supply to our facilities is supported by our flexible and responsive grease collection service. A modern fleet of 20 trucks and 70 trailers delivers and collects from all types of animal by-product outlets nationally.

We also have a grease trap installation service – allowing outlets to separate fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and be both paid for and compliant in the safe disposal of their used cooking oils (UCO).

Ethos and values

Absolutely central to all College Group services and products is a commitment to the environment. Considerable investment in R&D is allowing us to innovate in service delivery while reducing our environmental impact and carbon emissions – our goal is to become carbon-neutral by 2029.

The People At College Group

College Group is a family business, and it’s also closely embedded in the rural communities of its two facilities. We’re proud of the fact that many employees are local and we invest heavily in our people and working environment. The result is an exciting, challenging, and motivating place to work.

We employ over 100 people across our two sites. This dynamic team of professionals – skilled in mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering – is our biggest asset and integral to our success.

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