College Group recently completed construction of a 3 MW Solar Farm at its main site in Nobber, Co. Meath.

College Group Solar

This 3 MW solar array is one of the largest solar installations in Ireland and will help power a significant portion of the operations on site in Nobber.

College Engineering self-managed the solar project with all ground mounting equipment manufactured in house and the construction and electrical works managed internally.

The 15-acre solar site contains 6,700 photovoltaic solar panels which will produce roughly 2.8 million kilowatt hours per annum. This is the equivalent to powering the annual usage of 800 households.

Solar Panels




1,150 tonnes of carbon reduced

Electricity to power 800 households

100% renewable electricity


This 100% green electricity will allow a reduction of approximately 1,150 tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of planting roughly 2,000 acres of forestry to reduce that quantity of carbon.

There has been no impact to food production as the land used was previously used for sheep grazing and they continue to graze in the area under the panels. College Group intends to create a biodiversity area on the farm with beehives to be installed which will aid the flora and fauna.

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