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College Group has developed and installed a highly advanced rendering process, allowing it to deliver the highest quality products with minimal environmental impact.

We use modern low-temperature wet rendering (LTWR) technology. LTWR is the most efficient way to render animal by-products and uses 50% less energy than alternative methods. This is important because energy is the largest cost of rendering.

How Does LTWR Work?

With LTWR, heat treatment is reduced, and material separation is carried out at lower temperatures (70°C – 100°C). This results in a lower fat content and higher nutritional value of the meat and bone meals, as well as a higher quality fat that’s lower in free fatty acids. It’s a high-tech process that needs to be carried out by highly trained operatives.

LTWR produces a better-quality product and has less impact on the environment. We have a dedicated in-house team that develops and improves processes such as LTWR. As part of our commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our facilities, we look at every aspect of our operation to ensure it is efficient, effective, safe, and environmentally sound.


Rendering innovation at College Group

The cutting-edge biodiesel facility at Nobber is one example of our ability to develop innovative production systems and products. With our internal team of skilled engineers and mechanics already working on other projects, you can be sure there will be further innovations to come at College Group!

The Rendering Process