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We aim to be carbon neutral across both College Group sites by 2030. This ambitious goal is evidence of our commitment to sustainability.

Carbon Neutral By

Our ethos is in lockstep with regional, national, and European policy objectives of meeting sustainability targets and reducing our collective dependence on fossil fuels. Our carbon-neutral strategy includes:

Sourcing locally whenever possible

Continually improving our processes and technologies

Using sustainable sources of energy

Economising our energy use

Prioritising long-term results over short-term gains

Always striving for excellence

The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) is one such directive, promoting the decarbonisation of EU transportation (which accounts for around 20% of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions). Our capacity of 50 million litres of biofuel represents around 15% of the national Biofuel Obligation Scheme.

Environmental Policy

Sustainability is not just a label at College Group. Eco-friendly habits are second nature to us and have been since day one. In our day-to-day activities, we all take care to reduce, reuse, renew, and recycle.

Environmental issues are something that the whole team feels very passionate about and that’s why we work constantly on this front, both internally and externally. We have lots of bold plans for a green future, including our carbon-neutral goal.

A Green Circular

Rendering limits the environmental impact of livestock production by finding uses for parts of the animal which are either not fit for human consumption or for which there is no market. For example, products such as rendered animal fat (carbon-neutral because it derives from current biological life) can be used to power the rendering process itself, thus creating a circular economy.

Carbon Footprint